Men's Fellowship Group


Our men's group meets at the church the last Saturday of every month.  We gather for fellowship, breakfast, and to search the Scriptures.  Various devotional studies are presented as we explore how best to apply God in our lives and reflect His blessing on us to those around us.

We welcome all confirmed men ages 14 and up.

We began a new study in September 2017, continuing our examination of Reformation theology and history in light of the recent 500th Anniversary (celebrated worldwide on Sunday, October 29th, 2017).  We used the Lutheran Hour Ministries 3-part DVD series A Man Named Martin.  If you missed an installment, the videos are available for free by clicking here, or you can borrow them at church.

On May 26th we concluded our study on God's calling of the Apostle Paul.  Join us in September (after our summer hiatus) for our next study!